Miracle Series CMM Representative of full automatic CMM

Miracle series CMM combines proven construction and controller technology, advanced measurement software and touch probe system to give you the simple, rapid, accurate and high-efficiency in quality inspection and process control. It is the best fit for manufacturers purchasing their first coordinate measuring machine, and for small or middle manufacturing operations needing CMM with maximum price-to-performance ratio.

Miracle series CMM can be equipped with contact and non-contact probe system of Renishaw Company. It can also be equipped with LS series high accuracy laser scanning probe, LV series high accuracy CCD video probe to realize rapid scanning od complicated parts (doing Reverse Engineering), non-contact measuring of small size parts.

Each Miracle series CMM is checked and certified meeting the application test procedures required by ISO standards.

Product Feature

l   All three axes are made of high performance granite, the 3 axes have same characteristic in temperature and rigidity.

l   Advanced synchronous belt drive system with non-slip and high stiffness, ensures high stability, no noise. 

l   Transmission system uses high-power DC servo motor and new double level tape reducer to ensure rapid and accurate axes movement.

l   Granite worktable with integral “dovetail” guide in Y axis, eliminate the pitch and yaw, also provides superior motion stability

l   High precise, high rigidity air bearings on all axes, can assure the guidance never be damped

l   Good anti-aging out shape ability to assure the stability of accuracy

l   Roomy worktable, convenient to fix and measuring parts

l   Pneumatic system, Driver system, Control system are all world famous brand product



Granite Frame CMM

RENISHAW UCC Control System

Calibrate Ball with Support Base

User and System Manuals


Computer System

Minimum configuration: Pentium 3.0 GHz/512MB RAM/80GB Hard Disk/32MB Graphic Card /22” Color LCD Monitor/ Window 7/8.1

HP Color DeskJet printer


Software System

America Rational-DMIS measurement software


RENISHAW Probe System

MH20i Renishaw Motorized Probe Head Or PH10T(M) automatic probe system

Renishaw Probe Styli Kita

Product Description


(Power Voltage):220V                            (Temperature Range):18-22

(Air Pressure):0.7-1.0Mpa                        (Hourly Temperature Cycle):1/h

(Filter Accuracy):0.3μm                          (Thermal Gradient):1/m

(Air Supply):0.12-0.45m3/min                     (Relative Humidity):55%-65%