Cruiser Series CMM- The high accuracy solution for big work piece inspection

Cruiser series CMM has been designed to meet the specific requirements of dimensional inspection of large and heavy workpieces without the need for special foundations. By using finite element analysis, dynamitic property analysis, and full volumetric error compensation methods etc., Cruiser series CMM provides exceptional and enduring performance with excellent rigidity and stability.

Product Feature

  • Cruiser series CMM support quality evaluation to guarantee successful assembly of large components. It can do parts measuring, shape measuring, reverse engineering etc. multi-tasks

  •  Cruiser series CMM use high L shape trestle structure, which can assure not only a spacious measuring room, but also the stability of machine and good drives. The rapid measuring speed minimizes the condition of pitch and yaw, and assuring the high accuracy of CMM
  • Cruise series CMM’s guide rails adopt channel section design and air bearings installed according to the close aerostatic guide rails, enlarging the rigidity of gas film and improving the accuracy of Y axis guide rail
  • Cruise series CMM’s worktable, 3 axis guide rails and upright column are all made of granite, which provide good thermal stability, high rigidity, and great wear resistance

  •  Cruiser series CMM can be equipped with Renishaw contact scanning probe , LS series laser scanning probe and high accuracy laser point scanning probe to fulfill quickly scanning of complicated parts(Reverse Engineering)

Product Description